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Greetings fellow Wetlanders and welcome to the South African Wetlands Discussion Forum.

The Discussion Forum is an exciting and positive new communication medium that has been developed to bring the national wetland community of South Africa together. The Discussion Forum is on-line, and most importantly, a live and interactive form of communication that has been designed to make conversation and debate simple, as well as offer a platform to share information and knowledge.

Information is available on-line immediately, is uploaded by registered users themselves and is available for viewing by everyone (not only registered users). Furthermore, the Discussion Forum allows users to:

• Engage in conversations with other wetlanders around South Africa or internationally.
• Post topics for discussion and start debates about issues.
• Upload their own documents to share with other wetlanders.
• Upload pictures of interest from site visits, meetings or workshops.
• Subscribe to Forums or Topics and be notified via email of any new postings.

The Discussion Forum has five main sections. Please post your topics or discussions into the relevant section:

• Skills Development.
• For Information.
• Resources Available.
• Commercial Opportunities.
• Provincial Wetland Forums.

To participate in the Discussion Forum, you must REGISTER. This requires a username, password and a valid email address. Please note that the site is secure with no private or personal information being made public. Users can register as themselves or under an alias but without registration, users can only view the site and not participate in an on-line discussion or post information.

We the wetland community look forward to your proactive participation in the Discussion Forum as we shape and affect wetland conservation and management in South Africa.

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