After a Century...could restored Wetlands still be a Carbon Source?

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After a Century...could restored Wetlands still be a Carbon Source?


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Study shows that Methane emissions can drastically lower, or even reverse, the benefits of carbon sequestration in restored wetlands.

Restoration of freshwater wetlands can enhance a multitude of ecosystem services, for example, expanding wildlife habitat, improving coastal protection in the face of sea level rise, and reducing atmospheric CO2 through carbon sequestration.

High rates of productivity and lower rates of remineralization in wetlands have stimulated interest in potentially using wetlands in biological carbon sequestration projects, perhaps leading to their use in emission reduction and trading programs. The concern this
study highlights is that, while wetlands can sequester carbon in their soils, the interannual variability in CO2 uptake, medium-term changes in wetland production, CH4 emissions, and the effects of DOC export may make confident prediction or simple evaluation of the annual net GWP balance difficult.

The results show that intensive continuous monitoring is necessary for quantification of wetland carbon sequestration potential.

For the article, see link below. The full Journal Article is attached for download. ... bon-source
Anderson_et_al-2016-Journal_of_Geophysical_Research__Biogeosciences (1).pdf
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