An inventory of South African wetland tools

Working Group Team: Donovan Kotze & Tumisho Ngobela
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An inventory of South African wetland tools


Post by Tumisho Ngobela » Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:06 pm

One of the working groups of the South African Wetland Society is that of Training, Mentorship and Capacity building.

This working group identified the need for practitioners to be informed of the different wetland tools available and for what purposes each tool is relevant and can be applied. Thus, this inventory was compiled of tools relevant to South African wetlands.

It is noted that the inventory does not cover research such as that Corry (2010) and Bird (2010) which, although contributing positively to the development of wetland tools, do not provide a fully developed guideline/tool.

The inventory builds and expands on an earlier inventory of tools relevant to freshwater systems (Kotze 2015). In addition, it is the intention of SAWS to update the inventory on an annual basis.
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